NCERT class 4 maths chapter 1 Building with Bricks

NCERT class 4 maths chapter 1 Building with Bricks are provided here for students so that they can refer them while preparing for the final exam. These solutions are designed by experts according to CBSE syllabus(2018-2019) for class 4th students.

NCERT class 4 maths chapter 1 covers the topic – Building with Bricks. Chapter wise solutions help to revise the concepts at your pace and practice to perfection. NCERT publishes textbooks prescribed by the CBSE (Central Board Of Secondary Education).

Class 4 Maths NCERT Solutions For Chapter 1

Students in the 4th standard will learn the concept of building with bricks here with the help of solved questions. They will learn to identify the different types of patterns formed by the blocks. Also, learn to draw a brick and types of wall patterns made with bricks. Finding the size of the brick and more related topics. Check below type of questions asked from chapter 1, Building with Bricks.

Q1. Choose the right answer from the following:

   1001 comes before___ (999, 1000, 2000, 1002)

Q2. On the number line -50 is to the ____ of zero

Q3. Convert the following to seconds:

    8 hours and 12 minutes is equal to _______ seconds






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