NCERT Solutions For Class 3 EVS Chapter 5 Chhotu's House

What kind of houses have you seen around you? This chapter talks about the protagonist Chhotu and his house. Chhotu, who is poor, finds shelter in a pipe. The lesson discusses how he arranges everything in that pipe and stays happily there. The chapter also deals with topics such as home, the usage of toilets, etc. Here, we are giving you the most accurate Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 5 Chhotu’s House.

The solutions provided here cover each and every question, including the inter-text questions. The NCERT Solutions for Class 3 will definitely help your little one in being ahead of all the students in the class by practising the questions given in the textbooks.

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ncert sol class 3 evs chapter 5 chhotus house
ncert sol class 3 evs chapter 5 chhotus house
ncert sol class 3 evs chapter 5 chhotus house


Access answers to EVS NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Chapter 5 Chhotu’s House

Question 1

What did Chhotu think when he looked at the pipe?


Chhotu thought that he can take shelter in the pipe, as it would save him from the dust, wind, rain and cold.

Question 2:

How did Chhotu use the pipe?


Chhotu took shelter in the pipe.

Question 3:

Into which parts did Chhotu divide the pipe and its surrounding area?


He divided it into:

1. Sleeping area

2. Cooking area

3. Cloth-Drying area

4. Water-Storage area

5. Guest-Sitting area

Question 4:

In which part of this house will Chhotu like to spend most of his time?


He would like to spend most of his time around the guest-sitting area.

Question 5:

Why do you think Chhotu invited Monu to live with him in the pipe?


He invited Monu to live with him in the pipe because he saw Monu searching for a shelter. Also, Chhotu would feel better if he has a company at home.

Question 6:

Who all live with you in your house?


In my house, I live with my mother, father, two brothers, grandfather and grandmother.

Question 7:

Chhotu divided the pipe into different parts. Write the names of the different parts of your house.


Drawing Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Study Room, Bed Room, Toilet and Bathroom.

Question 8:

How much time in a day do you spend in each part of your house?


Drawing Room = 2 hours

Dining Room = 2 hours

Kitchen = ½ hour

Study Room = 4 hours

Bed Room = 8 hours

Toilet = ½ hour

Bathroom = ½ hour

Question 9:

Is there any part of your house where a particular member of your family spends more time?


My mother spends more time in the kitchen.

Question 10:

Is there any part of your house where a particular family member never goes or goes for a short time?


My father goes to the kitchen for a very short time.


Do you keep your house clean? How?


Yes, I do keep my house clean. We clean it using broomstick and mopper.

Question 12:

Who all help to keep your house clean?


Maid, my mother and my father.

Question 13:

Where do you go to freshen up in the morning?


I go to the toilet.

Question 14:

Where do you throw the garbage of your house?


We throw it in the garbage bin.

Question 15:

Is the area around your house clean?


Yes, it is.

Question 16:

Do you use a toilet in or around your house?


In the house.

Question 17:

Who cleans it?


Maid cleans it.

Question 18:

How do you help in keeping it clean?


By making sure that it is clean after I use it.

Question 19:

Is there any special way in which you decorate your house? When and how?


Yes, on the occasion of Diwali, we decorate our house with beautiful Rangolis, Diyas and colourful lights.

Question 20:

Name the things with which you decorate your house.


We decorate our house with flowers, lanterns, diyas, lights, sceneries, wall-hangings, etc.

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