NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Biology Chapter 12

NCERT Solutions Class 11 Biology Mineral Nutrition

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NCERT solutions for class 11 biology chapter 12 Mineral Nutrition is one of the important study material for the students of class 11. The chapters or topics which are taught in class 11 form the basics for topics in class 12.

To score good marks in class 11 examinations as well as in competitive exams after class 12, one must solve the NCERT questions provided at the end of each chapter. Solving these questions will help you to understand the chapter in a detailed way.

NCERT solutions for biology class 11 chapter 12 is provided here for better clarification and understanding.

NCERT class 11 biology solutions for Chapter 12 Mineral Nutrition gives the detailed solutions and the chapter specifically deals with minerals that are required by the plants for the various metabolic functions. These contribute to how the plant functions and grows with these aspects and also, we gain an insight into what would happen if plants lacked certain essential minerals and nutrients required for growth.


NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Biology Chapter 12 tells us about the many components need by plants to survive and thrive. From basic necessities like water and sunlight to other essential elements like minerals and nutrients, every aspect has a specific role to play and not having any of the required components will adversely affect the plant and might result in a deficiency or an abnormality in the plant body. Also, too much concentration of any substance in the plant’s body might turn it toxic. This happens due to chemical imbalance or other external factors like exposure to UV rays or radiation.

The level of complexity that is observed in today’s plants is the result of evolution over the course of many millions of years. Features that are now standard is due to the plants adapting to the environment and then passing on the successful traits to the descendants.