NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Biology Chapter 15

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Biology Biodiversity and its Conservation

Ncert Solutions For Class 12 Biology Chapter 15 PDF Free Download

The NCERT solutions for class 12 Biology Chapter 15 – Biology Strategies Enhancement in Food Production is crucial for the students of 12th standard. Students aspiring to make a career in the medical field must practice the class 12 NCERT solutions to score well in board exam as well as various competitive entrance exams. This Chapter provided here will help students understand the lesson in an easy and interesting way. NCERT solutions for Chapter 15 is created by subject experts according to the latest CBSE syllabus. Students must practice the solutions regularly to prepare effectively for their examination. Checkout the Class 12 Biology Biodiversity and its Conservation PDF given below.

The class 12 Biology Chapter 15  solution includes the topic – Biodiversity: Genetic diversity, Species diversity, Ecological diversity. Species in India and Earth. Patterns of biodiversity: Latitudinal gradients, Species area relationships. Importance of species diversity to the ecosystem. Loss of biodiversity, Causes of loss of biodiversity: Habitat loss and fragmentation, Over exploitation, Alien species invasions, Co- extinctions. Biodiversity conservation: narrowly utilitarian, broadly utilitarian, In situ conservation, Ex situ conservation. The Biodiversity and its Conservation PDF is provided here for better understanding and clarification of the chapter.

When a single species shows high diversity at genetic level it is called as genetic diversity. When the diversity is at species level it is called as species diversity. Ecosystem level diversity is called as ecological diversity. Global diversity is divided into: Plants, Vertebrates and invertebrates. This was a brief on Biodiversity and its Conservation.

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