NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology Human Health and Diseases

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Biology Human Health and Diseases

Ncert Solutions For Class 12 Biology Chapter 8 PDF Free Download

For students of class 12 who come under the biology stream, they need to work on NCERT Solutions for class 12 Biology chapter 8 Human Health and Diseases to learn the subject in an efficient manner. BYJU’S provide NCERT Solutions that are prepared by our experts in the field of education. Students are suggested to have a thorough practice of these questions, as these are important from the exam perspective. We are providing class 12 biology NCERT solution chapter 8 – Human Health and Diseases pdf so that students can download them and review it later.

This chapter specifically deals with the  diseases and infections caused by various microbes. Humans are exposed to a whole multitude of microorganisms on the surface of their body, the air that we breathe and the water that we drink. However, most of these don’t pose a health hazard to us. Then, there are some microbes that cause life threatening and fatal diseases. These cause for these disease and their possible cures are analyzed below:


The human body forms a mini ecological sanctuary for many millions of microbes, but most of them are rather harmless. But once in awhile, we come across some really nasty microbes that cause us a lot of problems. They cause minor nuances like the common cold and flu to much deadlier and life threatening diseases like AIDS. But sometimes, not all disease are caused by microbes. When our body’s normal functions gets disrupted, there are consequences which might affect our lives in a drastic way. These disruptions can be caused by external factors such as exposure to UV rays, radiation, or any other carcinogenic agents.

These might cause cancer in the human body where cells divide uncontrollably and this can usually have fatal consequences. Then, there are diseases like diabetes that might be hereditary. In these cases,  a gene therapy might be more useful to cure some types, but it is still under research and it might not be commercially viable yet. Other diseases like Alzheimer’s develop with age – this is partly due to cellular senescence – where new cells do not form. When alcohol and drugs come into the picture, the body gets affected by the chemicals and ill-effects which affect various organs. Prolonged use can bring about failure of the organs (such as liver) and eventual death.

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The test-tube baby programme employs which one of the following techniques?