NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Biology Chapter 10

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Biology Microbes in Human Welfare

Ncert Solutions For Class 12 Biology Chapter 10 PDF Free Download

Microbes are also referred to as micro-organisms or microscopic organisms as they can only be seen under a microscope. They are tiny living creatures, invisible to the naked eye and are present  all around us, in air, water, soil and so on. They played a key role in the evolution of the planet earth. Few microbes cause severe infections and disease that even result in death and others are the beneficial ones and harmless to our lives. Disease-causing microbes are called as pathogens.  Influenza, tuberculosis, polio, cholera, HIV are some of the best examples of disease caused by these microbes.

The most common microbes include Bacteria, protozoa viroid, some algae, Fungi, and Viruses.

The application of Microbes in Human Welfare includes:

  1. As bio fertilizers.
  2. In sewage treatment.
  3. As a biocontrol agents.
  4. In the production of biogas.
  5. In Biochemical Oxygen Demand
  6. In the production of cheese, curd and yogurt.
  7. In the production of fermented food products like bread, beer and other Beverages.
  8. Useful in some industrial products such as ethanol fuel, antibiotics, vaccines, amino acids and in other pharmaceuticals products.

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