NCERT solutions class 4 EVS chapter 16- A Busy Month

NCERT solutions class 4 EVS chapter 16covers the topic – A BUSY MONTH.This chapter is about the different birds that we see around us. It is about the birds, nest, their eggs, they feeding and taking care of their chicks. CBSE prescribed NCERT publication textbooks are available on BYJU'S. Download class 4 notes, pdfs, NCERT textbooks –NCERT Class 4 science book and other study materials.

At BYJU'S, the chapter A BUSY MONTH is explained in an interactive way with 3D Graphical images, models, videos etc so kids don't get bored and lose interest. Also, day to day examples are given to make them easily understand and relate. Apart from this, assignments, worksheets are given for practice. Below is a sample ofNCERT class 4 EVS worksheets of chapter 16:

Q1. Observe a bird nest inside or around your house and answer the following:

  1. What bird is in the nest?
  2. Where is the nest?
  3. What does the bird bring to its nest?
  4. Can you see eggs in the nes?

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