NCERT solutions class 4 EVS chapter 23- Pocham Palli

NCERT solutions class 4 EVS chapter 23 – Pocham Palli is an
interesting topic which briefs out about the arts, crafts, different materials
used in the manufacturing of Pocham Palli dress materials. Weaving and different
equipments used.

At BYJU’S, the chapter Pocham Palli is explained in an
interactive way with interesting pictures and videos so that the students can
understand the topics easily without any distractions. In these chapter, day to
day examples are given to make them easily understand and make the topic more
relatable. Apart from this, assignments, worksheets are given for practice.

Below is a sample of NCERT class 4 EVS worksheets of chapter 23:

Q1. Veena and Praful have learnt beautiful craft from the
members of the family. Will they be able to teach this craft skill to their

Q2. Observe, talk to the following to understand what they
do and answer the following:

  • Potter
  • Ironsmith
  • Carpenter

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