NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 8- Reaching Grandmother's house

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 is another chapter designed by the NCERT for the EVS syllabus for Class 4 students. This teaches students about the different modes of transportation such as bus, boats and rickshaws. This chapter goes to tell you more in detail about the types of transportation, especially trains. Students can download the NCERT Solutions from the links given below.

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NCERT Textbook Page No. – 62

1. Omana travelled by different kinds of transport after she got down from the train. Can you remember what these were?


Omana travelled by ferry, bus and autorikshaw after she got down from the train.

2. On which vehicles have you travelled?


I have travelled by autorikshaw, train, tonga, bus, boat, bullock-cart, scooter, bicycle, taxi, car, metro, ship, aeroplane etc.

3. Which ride did you enjoy the most? Why?


I enjoyed the car ride the most.

4. Omana left Ahmedabad on 16 May. How many hours did it take for her to reach Ammumma’s place?


Omana left Ahmedabad on 16 May at 11: 45 am and reached Ammumma’s place on 17 May at 11: 30 pm. It took 36 hours for her to reach Ammumma’s place.

5. Have you ever been on a long journey? Where did you go?


Yes. I have been on a long journey which took more than 15 hours. I went from my native to Amritsar.

6. Name the different kinds of transport that you used during the journey.


I used train, bus, autorikshaw, metro and taxi during the journey.

NCERT Textbook Page No. – 63

1. How long did your journey take?


My journey took more than 15 hours long.

2. Omana’s Appa bought tickets for the train and the bus. Can you think of other means of transport for which we need to buy tickets?


Other means of transport for which we need to buy tickets are steamers, air journey and metro rail.

3. Sometimes we need to buy tickets to enter a place. Can you think of such places?


Sometimes we need to buy tickets to enter places like circus, cinema hall, zoo etc.

4. Look at this picture of a railway ticket. Find the following information on the ticket and circle them with different colours and discuss.

(a) The train number ____

(b) The date of the start of the journey _____

(c) The berth and the coach numbers _____

(d) The fare (the cost of the ticket) _____

(e) The distance (in km) _____

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Chapter 8 Image 1


(a) The train number is 9037.

(b) The date of the start of the journey is 24-12-2006.

(c) The berth is 21, 22 and 23 and the coach number is A1.

(d) The fare (the cost of the ticket) is Rs. 2578 (Two five seven eight).

(e) The distance (in km) is 643 km.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Chapter 8 Image 2

NCERT Textbook Page No. – 64

1. Write what other information you can find out from the ticket.


PNR No. 820-6449755

No. of adults 2

No. of child 1

Ticket Number 68250918

Class 2A

Ticket from Bandra Terminus

Ticket to Ratlam Junction

Coach Number A1

Train Name Avadh Express

Boarding 24-12-2006

Train departure time 14: 36

2. A railway time-table gives details about the route of every train – the stations along the route, what time the train will reach and leave each station, the distance covered etc. We can buy a railway time-table from a railway station.

Some portions of the time-table for the route of the train on which Omana travelled are given. Look carefully at it and answer the following questions.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Chapter 8 Image 3

Circle the names of all the stations in the table that are mentioned in Omana’s diary.


NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Chapter 8 Image 4

NCERT Textbook Page No. – 65

3. From which station did the train start?


The train started from Gandhidham station.

4. How many minutes did the train stop at Ahmedabad station?


The train stopped at Ahmedabad station for 20 minutes.

5. On which day of the journey did the train reach Madgaon?


The train reached Madgaon on the second day of the journey.

6. Sunil and Ann got off at Kozhikode station. Omana got off at Kottayam station. How many hours does the train take to reach Kottayam from Kozhikode?


It takes 6 hours for the train to reach Kottayam from Kozhikode.

7. What is the distance that the train travelled over the whole route?


The train travelled 2649 km over the whole route.

8. How many kilometres did Omana travel by train?


Omana travelled 2418 km by train.

9. Would you like to keep a diary? Take a notebook or a diary. Every day for a week, write about what you did. Also write your thoughts and feelings. Share your diary with your friends.


Should be done by the students.

The Class 4 EVS Chapter 8 NCERT Solutions – Reaching Grandmother’s House explains different concepts with examples such as:

  • Information about Bus Travel along with various details such as hours, distance.
  • Train travel including distance, types of trains and distances covered.

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