NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS Chapter 16 - Who Will Do This Work?

NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS Chapter 16 tell us about the work that is done by the poorest people in society. This includes cleaning up the trash and garbage that is lying around. It is an incredibly tough job, and it is done by the least educated members of society. It is important to understand the tough job they do and treat them with kindness and respect. Students can download the NCERT Solutions from the links given below.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 16 Who Will Do This Work

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Have You Seen Such Scenes Around you?

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Answer: Yes, I have seen such scenes around me.

Q1: Have you ever thought of people who do this work? What is our responsibility to keep the place clean?

Answer: Doing such work may be very difficult and feels very dirty.

Q2: Why do you think people need to do this kind of work?

Answer: People need to do this work because of poverty and to keep our surroundings clean.


Q1: What are the different kinds of work being done in this drawing? List any five of these.

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Answer: Difficult kinds of work done in the above images are painting the house, working in a field or garden, carrying the goods, sweeping the road and carrying the garbage.

Q2: If you were asked to do any five jobs shown in this picture, which would you choose? Why?

Answer: The five jobs I wished to do is teaching, doctor, scientist, shopkeeper and artist. Because these jobs are easier when compared to the rest.

Q3: Which five jobs would you not choose? Why?

Answer: Five jobs which I would not choose are sweeper, gatekeeper, construction worker, driver and cook. I wish to do a job which satisfies my parents and gives me more respect, and I want to lead a happy life.


Q1: What kinds of work or jobs do people not want to do? Why?

Answer: People do not want to do the kinds of works which do not require our mental ability, such as sweeping, cleaning and more.

Q2: So, who does this kind of work? Why do people do this kind of work that others do not want to do?

Answer: Poor and illiterate people do this kind of work because of their poverty and lack of education.


Q1: What would happen if nobody did this work? If nobody cleared the garbage lying outside your school or your house for one week, then what would happen?

Answer: If nobody does this work, then it will create a lot of problems. The garbage will get collected outside near schools and houses and will give a bad smell due to the process of rotting.


Q1: Why did Gandhiji and his team start doing the job of cleaning? What do you think about this?

Answer: Gandhiji and his team started doing the job of cleaning so that people come out of their mindset. He wanted to respect all kinds of jobs too. He wanted to show that a particular job is not meant for particular people or caste.

Q2: Do you know any such people in your area who try to help others in solving their problems? Find out and discuss in the class.

Answer: Yes, nowadays, there are such people who try to help others in solving their problems.

Q3: Guests at Gandhiji’s Ashram had to learn this work also. If you were one of these guests, what would you do?

Answer: I would have learnt this work and would have happily done that.

Q4: What are the toilet arrangements in your house? Where is the toilet? Inside the house or outside? Who cleans the toilet?

Answer: There are toilets in my house, one is attached to the room, and another one is common for everyone. A toilet is built inside the house. The toilet is modern with a good water facility. Usually, my mother cleans the toilet, though sometimes, whoever uses it cleans it.

Q5: How did the man who was returning from the toilet behave with Mahadevbhai? Why did he behave like this?

Answer: The man behaved with Mahadevbhai in an insulting way because his impression towards cleaning toilet is that it is a dirty job and people who do this are untouchables.

Q6: How do people generally behave with those people who clean toilets and drains? Write.

Answer: People generally behave badly with those people who clean toilets and drains because the impression towards them is that they are untouchables.

Q7: Narayan and Gandhiji discussed all these many years ago. Have things changed now?

Answer: Yes, these things have changed a lot, and the concept of untouchability has also vanished.


Q1: Who does the cleaning in your school? What all has to be cleaned?

Answer: There are sweepers who do cleaning in my school. They clean classrooms, toilets and playgrounds.

Q2: Do all children, like you, help in this? If yes, how?

Answer: Yes, most of the students will help them by throwing garbage in specified bins.

Q3: If all do not help, why not?

Answer: That is because they think cleaning is a dirty job.

Q4: Do all children do all kinds of work?

Answer: No, all children do not do all kinds of work.

Q5: Do they sometimes have to miss classes to do this work?

Answer: No, they won’t miss classes to do this work. Usually, in our free time, we do this work.

Q6: Do the girls and boys do the same kinds of work?

Answer: Yes, both girls and boys do the same kind of work.

Q7: What all work do you do at home?

Answer: I help my mother with cooking, and drying clothes, and I bring vegetables from the market along with my father.

Q8: Is the work done by boys and girls, men and women, the same?

Answer: No, the work done by boys and girls, men and women, is not the same. But they can share their work and do it together.

Q9: Would you like to bring some change? What kind?

Answer: Yes, both men and women, boys and girls, should do all kinds of work.

Some of the major questions asked in this chapter include

What are some of the jobs that people do not want to do?

Which five jobs would you not choose and why?

This is a summary of the book NCERT Class 5 EVS Chapter 16. To learn more about the chapter, refer to the solution given above.

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