NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS Chapter 18 - No Place for Us

NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS Chapter 18 is related to the people and the family of a person named Jatrya. Here, we could see who we think of as a family and what we learn from them. The NCERT Solutions for Chapter 18 brings along a series of questions regarding what kind of sounds we hear every day.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 18 No Place for Us

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Think and Tell:

Q1: Jatrya felt alone, even in a crowd of people. Have you ever felt like this?

Answer: Yes, there were times I felt alone, even in a crowd of people. When I joined the school, even though many people surrounded me, I felt alone.

Q2: Imagine how it feels to leave one’s own place and go far away to live in a new place.

Answer: It is very difficult to leave one’s own place and go far away to live in a new place. The people, place, everything looks strange.

Q3: Why do you think families like that of Jatrya’s are coming to big cities?

Answer: Because small cities and villages do not have much opportunities. Big cities have many opportunities for education as well as for jobs.

Q4: Have you seen any children (in your school or neighbourhood) who also go to work?

Answer: Yes, I have seen many children go to work.

Q5: What kind of work do they do? Why do they have to work?

Answer: They used to sell something, clean the vehicles and serve food in hotels. They work to support their family, as their parent do not earn enough to meet their day-t0-day needs.


Q1: In Khedi village, what all did children learn?

Answer: Children in Khedi village learnt dancing, playing flute and dhol, making vessels and other things from bamboo and clay and recognising birds and imitating their sounds.

Q2: What do you learn from your elders?

Answer: I learnt to maintain love and affection towards people and animals, respect the elders, help others in their difficult times and many more.

Q3: Jatrya learnt so many things in Khedi. How many of those would be useful for him in Mumbai?

Answer: Jatrya learnt so many things in Khedi, which will be helpful for him in Mumbai. Some of them are playing the flutes, dhol and selling goods, which will help in earning money in Mumbai.

Q4: Do you hear the sounds of birds every day? Which ones?

Answer: Yes, I hear the sounds of some birds, like crows, pigeons and sparrows.

Q5: What are some of the sounds that you hear every day that the people of Khedi may not be hearing?

Answer: I used to hear the horns of vehicles, the sound of ambulances and police vehicle sirens.

Q6: Have you experienced silence? When and where?

Answer: Yes, I experienced silence in the library and while sleeping.

Discuss and Tell:

Q1: Many people in Jatrya’s village did not agree to move away from their land and forest. Why? They had to leave even though they didn’t want to. Why?

Answer: The land and forest were associated with fond memories of many generations of people. Their forefathers had been living on the land for a long period. They were forced to leave the place by government officials and the police. Moreover, they were also promised to be sent to a better place. They were promised that the new place would have better facilities in terms of electricity and water.

Q2: In Khedi, how many people were there in Jatrya’s family? When did he think about his family, who all came to his mind?

Answer: There were three people in Jatrya’s family in Khedi. But for Jatrya, the whole village is like his family. When he thought about his family, his future wife and his future children came to his mind.

Q3: Who all comes to your mind when you think about your family?

Answer: When I think about my family, my parents, grandparents, and cousins all come to my mind.

Q4: Have you heard of people who don’t want to be moved from their old place? Talk about them.

Answer: Yes, my grandparents don’t want to be moved from their old place because they won’t feel comfortable in cities and they love to enjoy the fresh air and the open space of the village.

Q5: Do you know some people who have never been to school? Do you also know of any place where there is no school?

Answer: yes, my grandparents have never been to school. I heard there is no school in some villages of Meghalaya.


Q1: Think of the kinds of difficulties people have to face when a dam is being built.

Answer: People face many difficulties when a dam is being built. They are people who are forced to leave their place along with family; houses, farms and agricultural fields get destroyed, and they have to relocate to new places and have to struggle for work, education and medical facilities.


Q1: Was Sinduri like the village of Jatrya’s dreams?

Answer: Sinduri village is not like the village of Jatrya’s dreams.

Q2: What difference did he find between Sinduri and his dream village?

Answer: The houses in Sinduri village were made up of tin sheets and were very weak; there was no electricity in Sinduri village, there was no open space, and schools and hospitals were there in Sinduri, along with a bad smell coming from the burning of tires. Thus Sinduri village is totally different from Jatrya’s dream village.

Q3: Have you ever been to anyone’s house as an ‘unwanted guest’? How did you feel?

Answer: No, I have never been to anyone’s house as an ‘unwanted guest’. Unwanted guests would not be treated properly, and they will feel lonely.

Q4: What all does your family do when you have guests at home for a few days?

Answer: When guests come to our home for a few days, we will treat them in a special way by preparing nice dishes; we provide all facilities which they need for their comfortable stay, along with love and care.


Q1: What had Jatryabhai thought while moving to Mumbai? Did he find Mumbai as he had imagined?

Answer: The problems of Sinduri village made Jatrya think as if he was an unwanted guest in the village. So, he wanted to leave Sinduri. As he could not go back to Khedi, he thought of moving to Mumbai. He did not find Mumbai as he had imagined; it was difficult for him to live in Mumbai.

Q2: What kind of school do you think Jatrya’s children would be going to in Mumbai?

Answer: Jatrya’s children would be studying in a government school in Mumbai.

Find out and Write:

Q1: Have you ever read or heard of a city slum being removed? How do you feel about this?

Answer: Yes, I heard in the news the slum is being removed from an area of Yamuna River, which is located in Delhi. I felt very bad for these people who used to stay in slums without shelter and food.

Q2: People also shift from one place to another when they get transferred to their jobs. How do they feel then?

Answer: Transfer is an integral part of jobs, so people should shift from one place to another. In this situation, they feel very bad about leaving their friends, colleagues and their house. In a new place again, they have to search for schools and workplaces, and have to adjust to new people and new environments.

The Class 5 EVS, Chapter 18 – No Place for Us contains questions such as the following:

  •  What does your family do when they have guests at home for a few days?
  •  Have you experienced silence? When and where?
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