NCERT Solution for Class 11 Statistics Chapter 8 - Index Numbers

*According to the CBSE Syllabus 2023-24, this chapter has been renumbered as Chapter 7.

NCERT Solutions are an extremely helpful study material while preparing for the CBSE Class 11 Statistics examinations. This study material provides students with in-depth knowledge, and the NCERT solutions designed by the subject-matter wizards are easy to comprehend.

Statistics is a part of Mathematics that deals with the gathering, formation, analysis, elucidation and presentation of data.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Commerce Statistics Chapter 8 – Index Numbers furnishes students with all-inclusive data on all the concepts and topics covered in the chapter. As the students have to learn the basic fundamentals of the subject of Statistics in Class 11, this comprehensive study material explains the concepts in a great way.

Concepts covered in this chapter are listed below:

  • Introduction
  • What Is an Index Number?
  • Construction of an Index Number
  • The Aggregative Method
  • Method of Averaging Relatives
  • Consumer Price Index
  • Consumer Price Index Number
  • Wholesale Price Index
  • Index of Industrial Production
  • Human Development Index
  • Sensex
  • Index in Economics
  • Conclusion


NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Statistics Chapter 8 provides a wide range of illustrative examples, which assists the students in comprehending and learning quickly. The above-mentioned are the NCERT Solutions according to the Class 11 CBSE syllabus. For more study materials of NCERT Solutions Class 11 Statistics, visit BYJU’S or download BYJU’S – The Learning App for more information.

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