NCERT Solutions For Class 3 EVS Chapter 10 What is Cooking

The chapter What is Cooking discusses the utensils that are used for cooking, the things that can be eaten raw, things that need to be cooked, methods of cooking, etc. With a lot of interesting questions and puzzles, this chapter brain-tickles the kids. To help your little one in practising this lesson, we are providing the most accurate and detailed NCERT Solutions For Class 3 EVS Chapter 10 What is Cooking.

The solutions have been designed by our team of experts keeping in mind the procedure of solutions as set by the CBSE board. You can download these NCERT solutions for Class 3 and help your kid to stay one step ahead in his class.

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ncert sol class 3 evs chapter 10 what is cooking
ncert sol class 3 evs chapter 10 what is cooking
ncert sol class 3 evs chapter 10 what is cooking


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Question 1:

Look at the picture. Colour the spaces which have dots in them. What do you see?


Class 3 EVS Chapter 10 - 1

Pan, Ladle, Pot, Mesh Skimmer, Roti Tawa, Frying Pan, Cooker, Turning Spatula.

Question 2:

What are utensils made of?


Utensils are made of steel, copper, aluminium, iron, glass, etc.

Question 3:

Ask some elderly people what kind of utensils were used earlier. What were they made of?


Earlier, the utensils used to be bigger in size. They used to be made of copper, soil (earth), brass, etc.

Question 4:

We do not cook all the things that we eat. Find out which things we eat raw and which ones we cook before eating. Which are the things we eat both cooked and raw? Fill in the table given below.


Things that are eaten raw Things that are eaten cooked Things that are eaten both raw and cooked
Carrot Dal Tomato
Radish Rice Onion
Lettuce Chapati Cabbage
Apple Rajma Broccoli
Pomegranate Bottle-gourd Spinach

Question 5:

Go to the kitchen and observe something being cooked. What all was done to cook it? Write the sequence. Don’t forget to write the name of the item being cooked. Look at the notebook of your classmates and discuss in a group.


Name of the item: Dal

1. First of all, take a bowl of raw pulses.

2. Put water in the bowl and wash the pulses twice.

3. Pour the pulses from the bowl into a pressure cooker.

4. Pour 3 bowls of water into the cooker.

5. Let it cook until the pressure cooker gives 3 whistles.

Question 6:

Given below are different methods of cooking. Write the names of two things cooked by each of these methods. Add some more methods of cooking to the list and give examples too.


Method of Cooking Name of Things
Roasting Bread Corn
Boiling Potato Broccoli
Frying Poori Samosa
Baking Cake Muffins
Steaming Idli Dhokla

Question 7:

Identify the pictures given below and write their names. What produces heat in each of them? Match the picture with the list. Matching can be with more than one thing also.


Class 3 EVS Chapter 10 - 2


Question 1:

Soak whole moong seeds overnight in water. In the morning wrap the soaked moong in a wet cloth and cover it. Take it out after a day. Do you find any difference?


Yes, the moong seeds get sprouted/germinated.

Question 2:

Which are the other things you can prepare without cooking? Write their names and the method of preparing them. One example is given below.


Butter milk– Take half a glass of curd – pour a glass of water into it – sprinkle salt and masala onto it – mix everything well – Butter Milk is ready.

Salad– Chop onions, tomatoes, carrots, radishes and coriander leaves – sprinkle salt and chat masala onto it – mix everything well – Salad is ready.

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