CBSE Class 11 Biology Revision Notes

CBSE Class 11 Biology Revision Notes improves practice, concentration and revision among students. We at BYJU’S provide the revision notes for Class 11 Biology that assists the students to remember principal points. Revision is surely a prime aspect to be considered while self-studying. An effectual revision is a significant aspect to score well and succeed in the CBSE Class 11 academics. Students who neglect revision normally end up scoring less marks.

How is BYJU’S revision notes helpful?

  • Making revision notes helps you to categorize your learning
  • BYJU’S CBSE Class 11 Revision notes undoubtedly helps students to score well in their upcoming class 11 examinations
  • Students have to study well to remember important topics of syllabus in their minds
  • It helps you to identify the significant points to learn for the examinations

CBSE Revision notes For Class 11 Biology

Class 11 Biology, chapter wise CBSE Revision Notes is given below that is helpful for revising.

Chapter Name of the Chapter
Unit I: Diversity of Living Organism
Chapter 1 The Living World
Chapter 2 Biological Classification
Chapter 3 Plant Kingdom
Chapter 4 Animal Kingdom
Unit II: Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants
Chapter 5 Morphology of Flowering Plants
Chapter 6 Anatomy of Flowering Plants
Chapter 7 Structural Organisation in Animals
Unit III: Cell Structure and Function
Chapter 8 Cell-The Unit of Life
Chapter 9 Biomolecules
Chapter 10 Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Unit IV: Plant Physiology
Chapter 11 Transport in Plants
Chapter 12 Mineral Nutrition
Chapter 13 Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
Chapter 14 Respiration in Plants
Chapter 15 Plant – Growth and Development
Unit V: Human Physiology
Section: A
Chapter 16 Digestion and Absorption
Chapter 17 Breathing and Exchange of Gases
Chapter 18 Body Fluids and Circulation
Section B: Human Physiology
Chapter 19 Excretory Products and Their Elimination
Chapter 20 Locomotion and Movement
Chapter 21 Neural Control and Coordination
Chapter 22 Chemical Coordination and Integration

The above mentioned is the CBSE  syllabus for class 11 Biology which is helpful in revision. For more revision notes visit BYJU’S or download the app for the best learning experience.

Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 11 Biology Revision Notes


What are the important gases for humans?

Gases have many uses. Oxygen is one of the most important gases for humans. Carbon dioxide is one of the most important gases for all life on Earth because plants need it for photosynthesis.


What is the importance of ‘Body fluids’?

Body fluids deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and take away waste materials, which are then eliminated with urination.


What are the main steps involved in ‘Digestion’?

The digestive processes are ingestion, propulsion, mechanical digestion, chemical digestion, absorption, and defecation. Some chemical digestion occurs in the mouth.


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