Revision Notes For For Class 11 Biology Chapter 10 Cell Cycle And Cell Division

Cell cycle or the cell division is the biological process during which a cell divides for the formation of daughter cells. The complete event is carried out in multiple steps and the total time required for a cell cycle and cell division is about 24 hours.

The cell division is an important process through which a single-celled develops into a new organism.

There are two types of Cell Cycle:

Mitosis – All unicellular or Single-celled organisms including bacteria and algae, which reproduce asexually undergo mitosis process of cell division.

Meiosis – All multicellular organisms including Plants, animals, birds, and insects which reproduce sexually undergo meiosis process of cell division to create their reproductive cells. There are two types meiosis – meiosis I and meiosis II.

Check here for the free CBSE Class 11 Biology revision notes for the chapter 10- Cell cycle and cell division.

Class 11 Biology chapter 10 - Cell cycle and cell division
Class 11 Biology chapter 10 - Cell cycle and cell division

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Practise This Question

Consider the following four conditions (a - d) and select the correct pair of them as adaptation to environment in desert lizards.

The conditions are:

(p) Burrowing in soil to escape high temperature

(q) Losing heat rapidly from the body during high temperature

(r) Bask in sun when temperature is low

(s) Insulating body due to thick fatty dermis