Revision Notes For For Class 11 Biology Chapter 10 Cell Cycle And Cell Division

Cell cycle or the cell division is the biological process during which a cell divides for the formation of daughter cells. The complete event is carried out in multiple steps and the total time required for a cell cycle and cell division is about 24 hours.

The cell division is an important process through which a single-celled develops into a new organism.

There are two types of Cell Cycle:

Mitosis – All unicellular or Single-celled organisms including bacteria and algae, which reproduce asexually undergo mitosis process of cell division.

Meiosis – All multicellular organisms including Plants, animals, birds, and insects which reproduce sexually undergo meiosis process of cell division to create their reproductive cells. There are two types meiosis – meiosis I and meiosis II.

Check here for the free CBSE Class 11 Biology revision notes for the chapter 10- Cell cycle and cell division.

Class 11 Biology chapter 10 - Cell cycle and cell division
Class 11 Biology chapter 10 - Cell cycle and cell division

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