P- Block Elements Class 12 Notes


P- block elements is one of the most important chapters in class 12 chemistry book. A variety of topics are introduced to the students about the p- block elements. Some of the most important topics include properties of metals, non-metals and metalloids in the p-block group.

Students need to understand the p- block elements properly as several questions are asked in the board exams. To help the students prepare this chapter properly, easy-to-understand p- block elements class 12 notes are given here. Reading from these notes can help the students to learn this chapter in an effective way.

Visit P- Block Elements in the link below to get the detailed notes of the chapter and learn the concepts effectively. In this, the candidates can learn about the properties of metals, non-metals, and metalloids of the p-block elements in a detailed way.


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If xm.yn=(x+y)m+n, then dydx is