The Living Organisms-Characteristics and Habitats Class 6 notes - Chapter 9

We all are surrounded by plants, trees, animals, birds, microbes, and other living and nonliving things Based on certain parameters, Scientists were able to differentiate between living and nonliving things.

What are Living Organisms?

An organism which consists of life, and possesses certain specific features and habits are called as the Living Organisms. All living organisms eat, respire, grow, move, reproduce, excrete and respond. Humans, animals, microbes, plants, birds, insects, are all examples of Living things or Organisms.

Characteristics of Living Organisms

Listed below are the few common characteristics shared by all living things.

Composed of cells- All living organisms are composed of single to billions of cells.

Need Food- Food is essential for both plants and animals, as it gives energy required for the growth and the development. Plants produce their own food through the process of photosynthesis and animals depends on plants for food.

Reproduction – All living organisms reproduce to produce their young ones. The mode of reproduction varies. Birds lay eggs, some animals give birth to their young ones and plants reproduce through seeds.

Growth and development– It is the fundamental process seen in all living organism. Plants grow into a tree, baby grows into an adult, a calf grows into a cow, etc.

Respiration – It is the process of breathing in and breathing out the air. All living organism breath and it is necessary as it provides energy from the food we eat.

Important Questions

  1. What are living and nonliving things?
  2. List out the characteristics of living things.
  3. Give an example of plants growing in grasslands.
  4. Give an example of animals living in Aquatic Habitats
  5. What is Habitat? Explain with its types and examples.

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