Food: Where Does it Come From? Class 6 notes - Chapter 1

What is Food?

Food can be defined as any substance which all living organisms eat and gain energy. Our body need energy to perform several fundamental activities including growth and repair. There are different varieties of food available and it consists of bread, milk, rice, pulses, vegetable, eggs, fruits, chicken, fish, etc.

Sources of Food

There are two main sources of food.

Plant source– They are the food obtained from the plants. Apple, mango, grapes, tomato, carrot, spinach, cashew are examples of Plant source.

Animal Source – They are the food obtained from the animals. Milk, cheese, curd, butter, honey, egg, chicken, are examples of Animal source.

Modes of Nutrition in Animals

Animals also require food for their survival. Different animals eat different types of food. Based on their food which they eat, animals are classified into three groups.

  1. Herbivores – They are the animals which eat only plants or other plant products. E.g. – Cow, goat, deer, buffalo, etc.
  2. Carnivores– They are the animals which eat the flesh of other animals. E.g. – Lion, tiger, fox, cheetah, etc.
  3. Omnivores– They are the animals which eat both plants products and flesh of other animals. E.g. – chimpanzees, Ostriches, Crows, jackdaws, etc. Humans are also groped in to Omnivores.

Important Questions

  1. What are the different sources of food?
  2. Name 5 food products obtained from plants.
  3. Name the ingredients used to prepare kheer.
  4. List out the different varieties of food you eat.
  5. Give two examples for herbivores, carnivores and omnivores animals.

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