Food Sources - Animal & Plant Products

It is of great importance that one understands where or what their source of food is. Rice comes from plants, and curry might depend on whether it is a vegetarian dish or a non-vegetarian one. A balanced diet is a necessity if one wants to lead a healthy life. And this balanced diet involves different carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fats and so on. So how does one ensure that the balanced diet is maintained? The first step is to know where do they come from so that we can understand the different nutrients provided by that particular item of food. Let’s have a glimpse of food sources and plant and animal products we consume.

Food Sources

Food Sources

Plant and Animal Products

The sources of food are broadly classified into two groups, plants and animals and their related products. Plants are a source of a wide variety of nutrients required to keep the human body in perfect working condition. Humans consume everything from fruits, flowers and even the stem of some plants. Leaves and stem-like lettuce, celery, etc; roots of some plants like carrots, beetroot, etc and seeds like wheat, rice, etc. All food come from plants, even the animals depend on plants. Hence, the source of all food in this world are plants, directly or indirectly. The reason one is advised to consume fruits and vegetables on a daily basis is because it is a source of immense nutrients.

Animal products are used as food directly or indirectly. In the sense, one might consume the muscles or organs of the animals which are the direct method or rely on its products like egg, milk and dairy products, honey and so on. Animal products too are a rich source of nutrients. The food chain is composed of exactly these animals starting with organisms that use the energy of the sun to the apex at which organisms that are predators and rely on producers.

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