Electricity and Circuits Class 6 notes - Chapter 12

What is Electric Cell?

A device which is used to generate an electric current through the series of chemical reactions is called the Electric cell. There are two types of Electric cells:

Dry type or Dry cell– It is the types of electricity-producing chemical cell, which do not have liquids in it. The batteries or cell used in the torchlight are examples of dry cells.

Wet type or Wet cell – It is the original types of rechargeable batteries composed of a liquid electrolyte. The car batteries are an example of wet cells.

What is Electric Circuit

An electric circuit is defined as the closed surface or a path through which the electric current flows. In an electric circuit, current flows from the positive terminal to the negative terminal. A simple electric circuit comprises of the power source, conductors, switch and load.

An electric switch is a device or a component that is used to break an electrical circuit, either by interrupting the flow of current or by diverting the flow of current from one conductor to another.

Conductors and insulators are important materials in the field of electronics. They are differentiated based on their ability to allow electric current to pass through them. All metals are good conductors of electricity and the non-metals including wood are insulators and bad conductors of electricity as do not allow electric current to pass through them.

Important Questions

  1. What is a Dry Cell?
  2. What is the Electric Circuit?
  3. Why do we use an electric switch?
  4. Which device is used to break an electric circuit?
  5. Why should we use rubber gloves while repairing an electric switch?

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