Math Notes

Maths is a subject that reflects its existence in almost everywhere i.e. from simple additions to complicated calculus. Almost all individuals apply the concepts of mathematics in their daily lives. For example, a businessman uses maths to calculate his profits or earnings, whereas, a rocket-scientist uses maths to calculate the trajectory of satellites.

As the subject has extreme importance, students need to learn the basic mathematics concepts thoroughly to be able to get immersed in the subject completely. So, to acquaint the students with the subject, here are some mathematics notes for the students of class 9-12.

These notes are designed in a way to help the students learn the concepts in a more effective way. These notes cover almost all the topics of maths for the respective classes in an engaging way so that learning can be both interesting and efficient.

Click on the links given below to get the mathematics notes:

Apart from these notes, the students are also provided with NCERT solutions and several video lessons to help the students learn the concepts more effectively.

Practise This Question

There are 3 cab companies A, B and C. They provide cab service at different time slots. The time taken for the trip depends upon the driver skill. The bar graph shown below gives the details.

Suppose you have to reach your class as early as possible before 10 am. Which of the cabs will you choose and which time slot?