Fun with Magnets Class 6 notes - Chapter 13

What is Magnet?

Objects which attract magnetic materials like cobalt, iron, and nickel are called as a magnet.

A magnet was discovered by an ancient Greek shepherd named Magnes. Therefore, this naturally occurring mineral – magnet was named by the discover’s name. The magnets, obtained naturally from a Magnetite rock, are called as the natural magnets and those magnets prepared by the combination of certain mineral ores are called as the artificial magnets.

Magnetic Materials: Cobalt, iron, and nickel are some examples of Magnetic Materials. These materials easily attract towards a magnet.

Non-magnetic Materials: Aluminum, zinc, wood, and rubber are called the Non-magnetic Materials, as these materials are not attracted towards the magnet even when they are brought closer to the magnets.

Types of Magnets

There are different types of magnets and are classified based on their shapes. The different types of magnets include – bar magnet, dumb-bell shaped magnet, horseshoe magnet, cylindrical magnet, etc.

Magnetic compass

The magnetic compass is a simple device which has been used from the ancient times by the sailors and other travelers to find directions. A magnetic compass is composed of a small box with a glass top and a magnetic needle which moves and indicates the directions.

Important Questions

  1. Who discovered magnet?
  2. List out the properties of a magnet.
  3. What is the principle of an electromagnet?
  4. What is magnet compass? How it is used to find directions?
  5. Write the difference between magnetic and non-magnetic material with examples.

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