Garbage In, Garbage Out Class 6 notes - Chapter 16

What is Garbage?

All the waste materials and other household waste produced on a daily basis are termed as the garbage. The different wastes of garbage contain peels of vegetable and fruits, leftovers cooked food products, waste paper, and plastic materials, and many other waste items.

Why is Garbage necessary?

Proper disposal of garbage is necessary for maintaining cleanliness in our home and surroundings.

To maintain a clean and disease free environment. The government has come up with different methods of waste disposal.

  • Before dumping all the wastes, they are segregated into two different groups.
  • All dry wastes and non-biodegradable wastes including the newspapers, plastics, broken glass pieces, and other waste are separated.
  • From the segregated wastes, the reusable wastes are sent to the recycling plants for the process of recycling.
  • All moist and biodegradable wastes are collected and used to obtain manure and compost that are safe for the environment.
  • All the segregated biodegradable wastes are dumped into the Landfill, Incineration, and other waste treatment process and few of these wastes are used as the raw materials for the Vermicomposting, Biogas Generation, Composting and etc.

Important Questions

  1. What is Garbage?
  2. What Is Vermicomposting?
  3. What are the uses of Garbage?
  4. List out the different types of garbages used?
  5. Name the place where all wastes and garbages are dumped?

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