Last 5 Years Question Papers Of CBSE 12th Chemistry PDF

Class 12 is the most crucial stage in a student’s life. The future of a student depends on how he or she performs in his/her 12th standard CBSE board exam. Chemistry is a very important subject for students who want to pursue a career in Chemical Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy, or any other related field. Solving last 5 year question paper of CBSE 12th chemistry PDF is one of the best ways to prepare for the subject. This can help the students to get familiar with the question pattern, the marking scheme of the exam and the difficulty level of the questions asked in CBSE class 12 board exam.

Here at Byju’s, we bring you a list of last 5 years question papers of CBSE 12th chemistry in PDF format. Students can download and practice the previous year CBSE question paper of chemistry to prepare for their board exam more efficiently. These question paper adheres to the CBSE Class 12 Syllabus and is advised to be solved on a regular basis.

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Assuming that water vapour is an ideal gas, the internal energy change (∆U) when 1 mol of water is vapourised at 1 bar pressure and 100 C, (given : molar enthalpy of vapourisation of water at 1 bar and 373 K = 41 kJ mol1 and R = 8.3 J mol1 K1 ) will be