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Chemistry is the study of matter and change of states, and our chemistry worksheets do their best to teach your child in a simple and understandable way. Our chemistry revision covers the study and observation of chemical reactions between specific substances, as well as the composition, structure, and qualities of matter, and is best used in conjunction with our other scientific worksheets.

The set of chemistry worksheets will help pupils understand the most crucial concepts they’ll need to succeed in their studies. You’ll easily find worksheets on a variety of chemistry topics, according to the NCERT syllabus. Our chemistry worksheets are designed to give students valuable information while also challenging them in areas that demand more independent thinking.

Students can access the chemistry class-wise worksheets on this page from the links provided below.

‘Matter’ refers to anything with mass on the earth or in the universe as a whole. Despite the fact that it is only one discipline of science, chemistry is sometimes referred to as the “central science” because of its ability to collaborate with other natural sciences.

Students’ basics will strengthen as they learn by doing. They will develop an interest in the subject as a result of this practice worksheet. Students will be taught how to ask probing questions and conduct scientific research.

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Where can I get free worksheets?

BYJU’S has a lot of free educational resources. Get free printable worksheets for Class 12, Class 11, Class 10, Class 9, Class 8, Class 7 and Class 6 based on CBSE curriculum. Check out all of our free learning worksheets here in BYJU’S.

The worksheet have been designed on which syllabus?

All the worksheets have been designed based on the latest NCERT textbook syllabus.

Can I download and print these printable worksheets?

Obviously, Yes, these worksheets for classes 6 to 12 are free to download and print.

From where can I download the worksheets?

Just click on the Download PDF button to get free worksheets.

Do I get answers for these worksheets?

Yes – you can download the answer for the particular worksheet by clicking the Download PDF at the bottom of the page.


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