Practical Chemistry with Experiments

Chemistry is the science of experiments. Scientific concepts can be easily understood by performing experiments. Laboratory experiments are being influenced by modern technique and electronic devices and there is adequate blending of information and communication technology and practical laboratory experiments.

A chemistry laboratory is a place where experiments in chemistry are performed. A student needs to understand the proper way of working in a chemistry laboratory. A student must know the proper use of each equipment and the precautions to be observed while working in the laboratory.

Students can access the chemistry chapter-wise experiments on this page from the links provided below.

The fundamental ideas of each experiment have been discussed for a better understanding. The topic is presented in a clear and lucid manner under key headings and subheadings. Students will have a better comprehension of the idea by participating in the experiments since they will be able to observe the changes unfold right before their eyes.

As students learn by doing, their fundamentals will solidify. As a result of this practice, they will acquire an interest in the subject. Students will learn how to ask probing questions and how to study in a scientific manner.

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