Chemistry Viva Questions with Answers

Chemistry is a discipline of science with its own set of applications. Individuals gain scientific knowledge through experimentation. Experiments are carried out, observations are made, and conclusions are drawn.

Chemistry is not something that can be learned solely from books. In a chemical lab, you can learn a lot of useful information. The primary goal of laboratory experiments is to investigate and identify a substance’s various constituents. Viva questions are a key component of a curriculum that usually occurs at the end of a semester or year. A set of Viva Questions based on practical syllabus is given for reference.

Students can access the chemistry chapter-wise viva questions on this page from the links provided below.

For a better understanding, the fundamental ideas of each experiment have been discussed. Under main-headings and subheadings, the topic is presented in a clear and lucid manner. Students will gain a better understanding of the concept by doing the experiments since they will be able to see the changes taking place right in front of their eyes. Their fundamentals will become firm as they learn by doing. They will also develop an interest in the subject as a result of this practice. Students will learn to ask probing questions and begin studying from a scientific standpoint.

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