Chemistry Projects

Chemistry describes the study of matter and its relationships and interactions with other energy and matter. Chemistry holds a reputation of being one of the boring subjects, but it is not true since celebrations and fireworks are based on chemistry experiments. The presence of chemistry is that it describes the world around you.

Byju’s – the learning app brings wide range of chemistry projects that involve variety of interesting chemical experiments and chemistry investigatory projects along with innovative ideas that will guide children. Students of any Board and grade are eligible to make organic chemistry projects among any of the below listed chemistry projects topics.

Here are some examples of Chemistry Projects:

Chemistry Projects

Boiling Point of Water

When we add any solute to a given liquid water, the solution acts differently than when it is boiled in its pure form. The molecules of the solution are not organized when compared to its pure form. The reason behind is that the molecules of solute move randomly as a result of which the molecules are disordered than that of pure water.
Chemistry Projects

Red cabbage Indicator

The red cabbage consists of natural pH indicator that shows the change in color according to the nature of the solution. Red cabbage juice is not difficult to make and shows a wide range of colors and can also be used to form pH strips.

Chemistry Projects

Electrolysis of Water

Energy is stored in the bonds between the molecules. The energy that is released can be utilized to perform any work when these bonds split apart. Breaking the bond of molecules into hydrogen and oxygen gas generates large amount of energy and it can be converted into electricity.
Chemistry Projects

Thermal Conductivity of Metals

Conduction is the heat that flows from one object to another by contact. Molecules in an object start to travel when heated. They also disturb their neighbors and more the molecules flow; more is the generation of heat. That is the reason why the whole rod becomes hot while roasting the marshmallow on a metal rod.

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