Class 10 Bihar Board Textbook (2018-19)

Textbooks are the encyclopaedia for students. Resourceful and accurate in providing information, they are extremely comprehensible and student friendly. The bihar board book are curated carefully by a team of subject matter experts who are appointed by the Bihar board, content is developed after reviewing from latest research and pedagogical methods. They provide all the necessary information without having students feel the need to refer to any other study material. Questions for the board examinations are prepared by picking up questions from the textbook. They incorporate the course contents as prescribed by the syllabus which is again developed by the bihar board matric.

Meanwhile, see below for the links of class 10 mathematics and science textbooks prescribed by the Bihar board.

Download Bihar Board 10th Class Books PDF

X Class Bihar Board Mathematics Textbook
X Class Bihar Board Science Textbook

Mathematics and science are core subjects, especially in a subject like mathematics scoring becomes very easy. This requires the use of a textbook. Practicing and solving problems is the way in which we deal with it and not orally/verbally. Students can refer to the bihar board matric model papers for more practice.

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Why Textbooks:

Textbooks have the following benefits:

  • Textbooks are resourceful and pocket friendly. They are readily available at bookstores
  • Accessible easily at any time, everywhere
  • User friendly and handy
  • Enhanced quality of writing
  • Does not require the use of internet
  • Model question papers provided towards the end
  • Question bank for individual chapters
  • Extremely reliable from examination point of view
  • Sample problems with solutions provided
  • Engaging activities and experiments provided
  • Provides information on other books for reference
  • Key points are highlighted
  • Summarizes the whole topic towards the end

Reading and understanding the contents is an art too. Different students have different understanding levels and their interpretations to the same topic can vary. Following are a few efficient ways in which a textbook can be studied:

  • Divide a chapter you are studying into chunks
  • Learn and study after the division from each section
  • Key points needs to be highlighted
  • Practice and try answering questions towards the end of the chapter
  • Frame your own questions and answer them
  • Do not rush into studying, plan your study schedule carefully so as to cover the chapters
  • Always revise from previous sessions before taking up something new to study.

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