Bihar Board Class 12 (Intermediate 2nd Year) Textbooks

Among all the resources that students need to prepare for the final exams, textbooks are the most important. We have put together a collection of Bihar Board Class 12 (Intermediate 2nd Year) Textbooks for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Maths.

One cannot overstate the importance of textbooks in secondary education as they are the only source of official study material. Although there are many reference books by various authors on topics covered in the class 12 syllabus of Bihar State Board, studying the textbooks prescribed by the board is imperative for many reasons. Firstly, the textbooks have solved examples and practice questions and the committee that sets the question papers for annual exams can only choose questions from these two sections. Secondly, unofficial reference books are not targeted at only the students of state boards and can include many topics that may not be necessary to study from an exam perspective.

Other resources we offer for class 12 includes the bihar board 12th model paper 2020, based on the latest syllabus. 


  1. Class 12th model papers

    1. Hi! Please find the link to download the class 12th model papers of Bihar board

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