Bihar Board Intermediate I Year Books

New, used or digital- the one thing that is always in demand, especially among students is the school books or textbooks. Same ways, the Bihar Board Intermediate I Year Books are equally significant, as it provides detailed and in-depth information about a subject to the student. It is the most reliable and widely used source of reference by Bihar Board Intermediate I Year students. The Bihar Board prescribe these class 11 school books based on the Intermediate I Year Syllabus.

These bihar board books compiles the most reliable and valuable information regarding a concept coming under the subject, thus providing accurate and interesting information to the students. Some books even contain illustrations or graphs, as required, which in a way helps to engage the students better.

How to get Bihar Intermediate I Year Books?

Other than at schools, see here below some resources to get access to Bihar Board Intermediate I Year books:

  • See if you could get school textbooks on a deal at some buyback options
  • Sometimes students may trade books to a schoolmate
  • Online websites that sell used books to students
  • Amazon and other online marketplaces for school books
  • Could share textbooks or even lend them from libraries
  • Some could even try and get hold of e-books

BYJU’s is another source that provides a list of useful resources and Class 11 textbooks and study materials.

Bihar Board Intermediate I Year Books

Intermediate I Year Maths Book
Intermediate I Year Physics Book
Intermediate I Year Chemistry Book
Intermediate I Year Biology Book

Students can download the bihar board model set 2020 from here. 

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