Bihar Board Intermediate I Year

Intending to preserve the golden era education, as during the times of Nalanda University and Vikramshila University, the Department of Education, Bihar also works to establish a foundation and infrastructure, as required to promote education within the state of Bihar. The department is operating towards spreading education within all sects of the community, youth, women or other people by encouraging them to pursue their studies by joining the primary or secondary and higher education. The main aim that the department is working towards is “free and primary education to all children in the age group of 6 to 14 years. Bihar Board Intermediate 1st Year, a crucial year in the educational field lays the foundation for the higher classes.

Now, Bihar Board Intermediate I Year is also a very significant year for the students, as following the guidance of Bihar Education Department; the year is a stepping stone for those who wish to specialise in a particular subject or stream for higher studies. The Bihar School Examination Board is responsible for holding and conducting examinations at the end of secondary school education.

Main Goals of Bihar Board Intermediate I Year

Done with Class 10 and hoping for exciting times ahead? Hoping Intermediate I Year will be a cakewalk? Well, it could come true. For that understand the significance of Bihar Intermediate I Year. Bihar Board Intermediate First Year is of importance, as it acts as a bridge between Class 10 and Intermediate Second Year, also enabling easy transition for the students, by giving them a strong foundation with Intermediate I Year subjects.

  • The year that is a game-changer as students are more particular on the subjects they select
  • Need to work hard and study well for the academic year ahead
  • Staying calm is pivotal to acing in Intermediate First Year exams.
  • Intermediate I Year subjects are the basis for higher studies and future profession
  • Score well not just in final exams, but also do well in the entrance and competitive exams
  • Need lots of written practice and problem-solving

Well, now that students have realised the importance of Bihar Board Intermediate First Year for their future, they can have a study plan ready and get on with the preparation for Intermediate I Year.

For, this first, they can check out the comprehensive list of study materials and resources for Bihar Board Intermediate First Year, available at BYJU’s.

Bihar Board Intermediate 1st Year Syllabus
Bihar Board Intermediate 1ST Year Textbooks


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