Bihar Board Class 10 Previous years' question papers

To crack examinations with a good score, students study throughout the year, refer and study from various resources but often miss out on one of the most important steps to be included in examination preparations is to go through question papers from the previous years. This has proven to be one of the most crucial steps after careful analysis of examination results by experts. Students can also solve the bihar board model paper for more practice. 

A recent study shows, Bihar Board students who have solved previous year question papers before facing the actual examinations have turned out to perform better at the examinations as compared to those who have not solved and practiced papers. Therefore, to help you score good marks in Bihar Board 10th exam we are providing the Bihar Board Class 10 Previous Year Question Papers. Students can also access the bihar board 10th class maths book here. 

Advantage of Solving Previous Year Class 10 Bihar Board Question Papers

Access to these papers is a boon since, these papers covers pretty much everything from exam point of view. A close look at the exam pattern can give you hints about repetitive questions and hence helps predict the possibility of them reappearing in a way.

Solving papers has a myriad of advantages, few are:

  • Helps in time management
  • Boosts confidence
  • Comprehensive question paper pattern
  • Marking scheme can be noted
  • Chapterwise marks distribution
  • Reduces anxiety amongst students
  • Exposes you to different types of questions

Students can also refer to the Bihar board 10th model paper 2020 from here. 

Download Bihar Board Class 10 Previous Year Question Papers

Click on the links below to access the Bihar board previous years’ question papers for class 10:

Also, find more details about bihar board matric pariksha here.

How to Solve Bihar 10th Class Previous Year Papers?

Here are a few tips on solving papers:

  • Students are expected to solve papers only after studying and having knowledge of the chapters covered.
  • Solve these papers in an ideal examination hall scenario, within the given time frame as mentioned in the question papers.
  • Attempt those questions which you are confident about.
  • Questions which are requiring you to think, come back and attempt them towards the end.
  • Do not leave any question blank. Try to recall concepts and answer in accordance.
  • Practice and work on those questions which consumed your time.
  • Note down the points where you think needs a few more attempts and work upon it.
  • Cross check you answers with your class notebook or textbook.

We hope you find this information on “Bihar Board Class 10 Previous Year Question Papers” useful. Stay tuned for more updates on Bihar matric board exams. Download BYJU’S App for interactive Maths & Science Videos.


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