Bihar Board Date Sheet for Class 10th and 12

BSEB – The Bihar School Examination Board conducts examinations for both Secondary and Senior Secondary Standards, as per the basis of Government of Bihar. Every year, the Bihar Board conduct both Matric Examination or Class 10 board exam and Intermediate or Class 12 exam board is scheduled to begin in the month of February. Along with the question paper pattern, the exam timetable is designed and released by the Directorate of examination of Bihar School Examination Board.

Students can download the timetable for their respective classes from the official websites. Meanwhile, find the Bihar Board Class 12 Exam 2020 Date-Sheet here:

Bihar Board Intermediate 2nd Year 2020 Exam Date-Sheet

Exam Date Time
Physics (Intermediate Science Stream) 3 February 2020 9:30AM-12:45PM
History (Intermediate Arts) 3 February 2020 1:45 AM-5:00 PM
R.B. Hindi (Vocational) 3 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
Chemistry (International Science Stream) 4 February 2020 9:30AM-12:45PM
Political Science (Intermediate Arts) 4 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
English (Vocational) 4 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
Biology (Intermediate Science Stream) 5 February 2020 9:30AM-12:45PM
Economics (Intermediate Arts) 5 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
Foundation Course (Vocational) 5 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
N.R.B(Intermediate Science & Intermediate Commerce) 6 February 2020 9:30AM-12:45PM
Computer Science Multimedia & Web Tech (Intermediate Arts/Science/ Commerce) 6 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
Yoga & Physical Education (Intermediate Arts/Science/ Commerce) 6 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
Mathematics (Intermediate Science & Intermediate Arts) 7 February 2020 9:30AM-12:45PM
M. B. (Intermediate Science & Intermediate Commerce) 7 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
Vocational Trade-I (Vocational Course) 7 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
Agriculture (Intermediate Science) 8 February 2020 9:30AM-12:45PM
Music (Intermediate Arts) 8 February 2020 9:30AM-12:45PM
Entrepreneurship (Intermediate Commerce) 8 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
Geography (Intermediate Arts) 8 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
Language Subject (Intermediate Science & Intermediate Commerce) 10 February 2020 9:30AM-12:45PM
Psychology (Intermediate Arts) 10 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
Vocational Trade-II (Vocational Course) 10 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
N.R.B (Intermediate Arts) 11 February 2020 9:30AM-12:45PM
Philosophy (Intermediate Arts) 11 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
Vocational Trade-III (Vocational Course) 11 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
Language Subject (Intermediate Arts) 12 February 2020 9:30AM-12:45PM
Sociology (Intermediate Arts) 12 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
Business Studies (Intermediate Commerce) 12 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
Related Subjects (Vocational Course) 12 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
Home Science (Intermediate Arts) 13 February 2020 9:30AM-12:45PM
Economics (Intermediate Commerce) 13 February 2020 9:30AM-12:45PM
M.B. (Intermediate Arts) 13 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM
Accountancy (Intermediate Commerce) 13 February 2020 1:45AM-5:00PM

According to the date-sheet released for the academic year 2019-20, the Class 12 exam commenced on 3 February 2020 and will end on 13 February 2020.

Explore complete details of the Bihar Board Date Sheet for Class 10th and 12:

As per the data sheet released by the Bihar School Examination Board for the academic year 2018-19, the Class 10 exams are scheduled to begin in the month of 21st February 2019, and Class 12, the board exams was scheduled from 6th February 2019. There will be no changes in this exam timetable even if the government has declared a holiday on any of the respective exam dates.

Class 10 Board Exam / Matric Timetable

All the exams will be held in the morning session and timings will be from 9:30 am to 12:45 pm, which is a duration of 3 hours 15 min. To prepare for the exams, students can download the Bihar board matric model paper from here.

Date Day Subject
21st Feb 2019 Thursday English
22nd Feb 2019 Friday Social Science
23rd Feb 2019 Saturday Science
25th Feb 2019 Monday Mathematics
26th Feb 2019 Tuesday Hindi/ Urdu/ Bengali/ Maithili
27th Feb 2019 Wednesday Second Optional Language
28th Feb 2019 Thursday Elective Subjects

For more details about Bihar board matric exams, students can come to BYJU’S. Students can also access other resources like the Bihar board 10th Class Maths book.

Class 12 Board Exam / Intermediate Timetable

For Class 12 exams will be held in two sessions. The morning session begins from 9:30 am to 12:45 pm and the afternoon session begins from 1:45 pm to 5:00 pm. The total time duration will be for 3 hours 15 min.

Date Day Subject
Morning Session (9:30 am to 12:45 pm) Afternoon Session (1:45 pm to 5:00 pm)
6th Feb 2019 Wednesday Biology, RB Hindi (Vocational Course) Philosophy (Arts),

Entrepreneurship (Commerce)

7th Feb 2019 Thursday Language Subjects (Arts) Computer Science (all streams), MultiMedia (all streams), Foundation Course (Vocational Course)
8th Feb 2019 Friday Physics, Yoga/ Physical Education (Arts) History (Arts), English (Vocational Course)
9th Feb 2019 Saturday NRB & MB (Arts) Accountancy (Commerce), Vocational Trade I
11th Feb 2019 Monday Chemistry Political Science /

Vocational Trade – II

12th Feb 2019 Tuesday Agriculture, Music (Arts) Business Studies (Commerce), Geography (Arts)
13th Feb 2019 Wednesday Language Subjects (except Arts) Psychology (Arts), Vocational Trade III
14th Feb 2019 Thursday NRB & MB (except Arts) Sociology (Arts), Related Subjects (Vocational Course)
15th Feb 2019 Friday Mathematics (Science, Arts), Economics (Arts)
16th Feb 2019 Saturday Home Science (Arts), Economics (Commerce)

Stay tuned with BYJU’S to get more information, latest notifications, and updates on the syllabus, exam dates, results, hall tickets, important question, Bihar board model paper 2020, and other study materials.



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