Bihar Board Intermediate I Year Syllabus

Intermediate I Year of school education is actually a shift from a more general style of education to a very disciplined curriculum. The Bihar Board Intermediate I Year Syllabus keeps the focus on a strict and disciplined method of studies, while also being very clear and concise so that students get a better knowledge about the course and subjects taught.

Since, Intermediate I Year follows 10 years of study, one can focus on going in-depth on concepts taught in earlier classes. Hence, the Bihar Board Intermediate I Year Syllabus will also take this into account.

Main Functions of Intermediate I Year Syllabus Bihar Board

  • Propagate students knowledge of the subject and it’s basic concept
  • Encourage students to learn the evolving concepts in each subject and see how it could help one in their lives
  • Appreciate the most complex formulas and experiments related with the various subjects
  • Help students to develop an interest in the branch of studies they take up
  • List and Describe what the students might learn on a specific subject during the academic year, based on the stream of studies they choose
  • Enable students by developing their logical reasoning and analytical skills
  • To develop more confidence in the students

Bihar Board Syllabus for Intermediate I year

While students of Intermediate I Year have a choice to choose from Maths, Arts, Science or Commerce and many more streams, the focus here is currently on Bihar Board Intermediate I Year Math and Science Syllabus.

Intermediate I Year Math Syllabus
Math Syllabus

Students who are preparing for the class 12 exams can also refer to the Bihar board 12th model paper 2020.

Intermediate I Year Science Syllabus
Physics Syllabus
Chemistry Syllabus
Biology Syllabus


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