Bihar Board Intermediate I Year Math Syllabus

To learn every concept and topic of Bihar Class 11 Math with strong foundation, a student should know the Bihar Board Intermediate I Year Math Syllabus, thoroughly. One can see how the topics that were taught to them the previous year, is elaborated more for class 11 or they can also identify new topics and concepts that will be covered for Bihar Board Intermediate I Year during the academic year.

How relevant is Intermediate I Year Math?

The Bihar Board Intermediate I Year Math Syllabus is very crucial for students as it tells them not only what is expected of them during the academic year such as assignments and projects to submit but it also guides them as to what they can expect to learn from the various and concepts covered under Class 11 Math. From the Class 11 Math Syllabus:

  • Students can get an overview of the course and subjects
  • Students get better acquainted with a course or subject
  • Can prepare ahead as syllabus tells them what is expected
  • Can self-assess their knowledge and can prepare well to bridge the gap

Bihar Board Math Syllabus for Intermediate I Year

From Sets and Functions, Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry to Statistics and Probability, the Bihar Board Intermediate I Year Math Syllabus covers a lot of interesting topics, setting a strong base for students who wish to pursue higher education in the Engineering, Medical or any other science fields.

Intermediate I Year Math Syllabus

  1. Mathematical Logic, Sets and Functions

1.1 Sets

1.2 Relations and Functions

1.3 Mathematical Logic

1.4 Boolean Algebra

  1. Algebra
  1. Trigonometry

3.1 Sequence and Series

3.2 Complex Numbers

3.3 Quadratic Equations and Expressions

3.4 Permutation and Combination

3.5 Principle of Mathematical Induction

3.6 Binomial Theorem

3.7 Logarithm

3.8 Some Important Infinite Series

  1. Coordinate Geometry
  1. Elements of Calculus
  1. Statistics and Probability

6.1 Straight Lines

6.2 Conic Sections

6.3 Introduction of Three Dimensional Geometry

  1. Statistics
  2. Probability

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