Bihar Board Class 10 Social Science Textbook

The textbook of Class 10 Social Science is developed and published by Bihar State Book Publishing Corporation Ltd. The Social Science textbook is carefully written and designed, professionally edited and tested. It offers factual information to students. The subject of Social Science is divided into four sub-subjects: History, Geography, Political Science and Economics. For Bihar Board Class 10 students, the Social Science textbook is a reliable source of information, covering the entire syllabus. Textbooks also help students in noting and highlighting the key points. They work as a guide for easy understanding of sentences. Students can learn the concepts from the Bihar Board Class 10 Social Science textbooks and prepare most efficiently for the board exams.

Students can also use this Social Science textbook for future reference. Referring to the textbook will help them to refresh their memory. Moreover, it enables students to identify topics in which they need to focus more attention. Bihar Board Class 10 Social Science textbook is written from the students’ point of view, recognising their difficulties and limitations. It, therefore, meets their needs by the use of simple headings, sub-headings, questions, exercises, maps, charts, pictures and other illustrative aids.

Download Bihar Board Class 10 Social Science Textbook PDF in Hindi

Students can download Bihar Board Class 10 textbook of Geography, Economics and Political Science by clicking the links mentioned in the table below. The textbooks are provided in PDF format in Hindi medium.

Bihar Board Class 10 Economics Textbook PDF
Bihar Board Class 10 Political Science Textbook PDF


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