Bihar Board Class 7 Previous Year Maths And Science Question paper

The Bihar board Class 7 previous year Maths and Science question papers are available here. Practising with those papers helps to improve the speed and accuracy in examination. It helps to guess the idea of upcoming question paper and the important topics covered in the particular subject. It clearly defines the exam pattern and how much mark is allotted for each chapter.

Solving the question papers of past years will let you know where you have to concentrate more. Try to take the test as many question papers you can and analyse the results. Focus on the weaker area. It helps to increase the performance in examination. Having genuine curiosity and interest in the subjects, helps you to perform well in examinations. Some of the tips to be followed while writing answers.

  • Start with the most relevant point
  • Use bullet points
  • Use sub headings
  • Present Neatly
  • Don’t overwrite

We are in the process of adding question papers. Please stay connected to BYJU’S for updates. 

Click the link below to get Class 7 previous year Maths and Science question papers:

Previous Year Mathematics Question paper
Previous Year Science Question Paper



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