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The Binary to Decimal Converter is an online tool which converts a binary number into its equivalent decimal number. BYJU’S Binary to Decimal Converter makes calculations simple and interesting. For each input, you can easily get the respective output.

How to Use Binary to Decimal Converter Calculator

The steps to be followed to convert a binary number into a decimal number using the calculator is given here:

Step 1: Enter the binary number, which is required to be converted into decimal.

Step 2: Click on “Convert to Decimal” button, given just below the input box.

Step 3: The equivalent decimal number will be generated. Use it to do further calculations.

What is Binary to Decimal Conversion?

A binary number is a digital number that has base 2 and is used in computer applications. It is represented by only two digits that are 1 and 0.

A decimal number is a number with base 10 and uses all the digits from 1 to 9. It is the most commonly used number system.

To convert a binary number into a decimal, we need to multiply each digit of binary number with decreasing order of exponents of 2 and add them all together.

Suppose 1001 is a binary number. Then,




Therefore, 10012 = 910


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