Binding Energy Formula

Energy equivalent to mass defect is termed as binding energy. A nucleus is like an inflexible spherical ball molded by getting together a huge amount of miniature spherical balls in the nucleons form. Something is required to bound the nucleons collected. It is that something which assists as the glue. Every nucleon has to donate some of its mass, to deliver the energy resulting in a mass defect.

“More binding energy means more strong binding as energy is a measure of the strength of the bondage.”

Mass deficiency is the energy equivalent of  the energy released in the formation of an atom from subatomic particles.


                                                                              Binding Energy = mass defect x






Solved Examples

Problem 1: Calculate the binding energy per nucleon for an alpha particle whose mass defect is calculated as 0.0292amu.


B = Mass defect × 931 MeV

B = 0.0292 × 931 = 27.1852 MeV

B per nucleon = 27.1852427.18524 = 6.7963 MeV

Problem 2: Find the nuclear binding energy for 9Be4 in which the mass defect is given by 0.06248amu?


B per nucleus = ΔΔm × c2 × 931 MeV

B per nucleus = 0.06248 × 931.5 = 58.20 MeV

Number of nucleons in 9Be4 = 9

B per nucleon = 58.20958.209 MeV = 6.47 MeV

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