Overview of Natural Resource Management

Natural Resources refer to the substances available naturally that can be used for commercial purposes. Therefore, natural resource management is very important to conserve them for sustainable purposes. Let us have an overview of the management of natural resources and the need to conserve them.

Natural Resource Management

“Natural Resource Management refers to the management of natural resources such as land, palnts. animals, water and soil with the sole focus on how management affects the quality of life for both present and future generations.”

What is Management of Natural Resources?

Natural resource management refers to the management of resources such as animals, plants, soil, land to improve the quality of life. It focuses on how they could possibly be managed for our today and tomorrow.

It deals with the way in which people interact with natural landscapes.

Specifically, it aims at understanding the scientific and technical aspects of resources and ecology. Environmental management is closely related to natural resource management.

An example of resource management is the lumber tree forest. These forests are less diverse because of the harvesting of lumber trees for a longer time. Such a forest is the result of the management of the resource by timber companies and can sustain life because the locations for harvest are rotated and the rate of tree cutting is controlled. The forest becomes a sustainable source of lumber for a long time period due to such practices.

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Need To Manage Natural Resources

There is a need to manage our resources today, not just for us, but our future generations too. Natural resources are limited, there is a crisis for these resources, hence needs to be managed. For example, water: Usage of water and availability of water always needs to be balanced, with a growing population, there is an exponential increase in the consumption of water while the availability of fresh water is decreasing by the day.

Natural resources are depleting every day not only because it is being used up by people, but also because it is being polluted and destroyed due to various human activities such as deforestation, modernization, global warming to name a few.

There is an absolute need to manage resources for the existence of living beings on earth and their survival.

Objectives of Natural Resource Management

The objectives of natural resource management are as follows:

  • To maintain ecological diversity.
  • To provide resources for future generations.
  • To maintain employment facilities for people.

Approaches to Management of Natural Resources

Now that we know how important natural resources are, what steps are we taking in the direction of saving ourselves from the crisis of natural resources? Are there any measures being taken at all? Let’s find out in the upcoming segment.

Natural resources need to be used in a sustainable manner for the welfare of mankind. They are so complex in nature that coming up with fresh frames as solutions seem to be the only way out.

  • Various rules and regulations have been passed by the Government over the years to ensure that our wildlife does not become extinct and are not hunted down. The government has also passed rules and laws to limit large scale industries from the use of excess water and rules for proper sewage to ensure water bodies around industrial areas are not getting contaminated. Care has also been taken by the government with regard to air pollutants being released by industries in the air causing harmful diseases

  • Water is being treated regularly to provide drinkable water to the people

  • The government has adopted measures and encouraged people to recycle and reuse products as much as possible.

  • Use of plastic has also been banned which reduces damage caused to nature to quite a large extent

  • Clean India Mission or Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was launched by PM Narendra Modi. It was initiated with the aim of having cleaner streets, society, environment, contributing to the national and hence global welfare.

Management of natural resources focusses on preventing over-exploitation of resources. For eg., with the advancement of agriculture practices, and farming have shifted from manual labour to the use of machines. The increasing use of pesticides has become damaging to the environment. All this has increased the need for natural resource management wisely.

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