Difference Between Right And Left Lung

Breathing is a natural phenomenon, and the process is carried out by the respiratory system. The lungs are the primary organs of the respiratory system. The lung is divided into right lung and left lung. The right lung is wide and short whereas the left lung is narrow and long. The right lung has a cardiac impression, and the left lung is very close to the heart. The common function of the lungs during respiration is to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Below we have discussed the difference between right and left lung.

Difference Between Right And Left Lung

Right Lung Left Lung


Situated on the right side of the respiratory system Situated on the left side of the respiratory system


Wider and shorter Narrow and long


Three Two

Base Shape

Concave Less concave than the right lung


2 bronchi Single


Heavy Light

Provides space for

Liver Heart

Number of fissures

Two One

Type of fissure

One horizontal and one oblique One oblique

Weight in grams

700 650

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