Difference Between Simple And Complex Tissue

Difference between simple and complex tissues is easy to comprehend once we learn the basic characteristics that separate the two:

IF the tissues are composed of cells which are functionally and structurally similar, then they are called SIMPLE TISSUES.

IF the tissues are composed of more than one type of cell, and they work together as a unit, performing many functions, then they are called COMPLEX TISSUES.

Difference Between Simple And Complex Tissue

Following are the differences between simple and complex tissues.

Simple Tissues

Complex Tissues

Nature of the Tissue

Homogenous Heterogenous


Parenchyma, Collenchyma, Sclerenchyma Xylem, phloem


Repair of tissue, food storage, secretion, and structural support  Conduction of minerals and water to various parts of the plant body


Located in every part of the plant Primarily located in the vascular regions

Cell Composition

Composed of a single type of cell/ all cells perform a similar function Composed of various types of cells that perform various functions 

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