Mendelian Inheritance Using Seeds Of Different Colours/ Sizes Of Any Plant


To study the Mendelian inheritance using seeds of different colours/sizes of any plant.

Necessary Materials & Apparatus

  • Petri Dish
  • Enamel Tray
  • Pea Seed Samples


  • Place 100 pea seeds in an enamel tray.
  • Separate the seeds into the round and wrinkled and place them in two separate Petri dishes.
  • Note down the number of round and wrinkled seeds. Also, calculate their ratio.
  • Repeat the procedure mentioned above for other contrasting traits, such as the colour of the seeds.


  • Create a table showing the characteristics of the seed along with the total number observed, the number of seeds with contrasting characters and the ratio.
(Example) Serial Number Characteristics Total number of seeds Seeds showing contrasting characters Ratio
1 Shape of the seed xxx (X) round seeds; (Y) wrinkled seeds X: Y
2 Colour of the seed xxx (X) green seeds; (Y) yellow seeds X: Y
Test your knowledge on Mendelian Inheritance Using Seeds Of Different Colours Sizes Of Any Plant

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