Women's Health

Women’s Health
In biological terms, women are quite different from men and are more susceptible to diseases than men. There are certain health issues which are unique to them. These health issues mainly involve complications during pregnancy, abnormal menstruation and other diseases related to specific female organs such as breasts, ovaries, etc.

There are many other diseases which are common in both the genders but affects women differently. For example, heart diseases affect women more severely than men, as do sexually transmitted diseases and Osteoarthritis to name a few.

Types of Women’s Health Issues

Types of Women’s Health Issues
As such, women need to be more careful and aware of their health and health issues. Let us look at some health problems that are faced by women in the current times.

Cancer in Women

As per the studies, there are two forms of cancer, Breast cancer and cervical cancer, which are responsible for the death of about a million women every year. Especially in third world countries where the awareness and scope about early detection are low and the state of women’s health care are dismals. Both these cancers could be cured or stalled, if they are detected during the early stages.

There are many factors that could lead into to a breast cancer. It could be by genes, abnormal menstruation, obesity, breast biopsy or radiation and medication.

Depression in Women

Research has shown that women are more prone to depression and other psychological disorders than men. A recent survey has revealed that around 12 million women are hit by depression every year which is almost double the number of men suffering from the same ailment. The rate of suicide in women is significantly higher than men by the stress and depression.

The causes of depression in women could be detected  by the changes in hormonal levels, especially during and after pregnancy and menopause. Other causes include medication, marital problems, heart diseases, other fatal diseases, drugs or other substance abuse, work pressure etc.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Like many other diseases, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) affect women more frequently and seriously than men. There are many sexually transmitted diseases among which few are potentially fatal. HIV+ or AIDS is one of the most common and a fatal STDs in women. Other sexually transmitted diseases and infections include Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Herpes, and Trichomoniasis. The symptoms and treatment for all these diseases are different but if detected in early stage, they could be cured or stalled.

A healthy woman is productive and useful to the society. Awareness and providing proper health care to them is of utmost importance so that unnecessary death and unhealthy lives could be prevented.

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