Bromic Acid Formula

Bromic Acid formula, also known as Hydrogen bromate formula or Bromic (V) acid formula is explained in this article. It is an oxoacid and exists only in aqueous solution. It is a solution which is colourless. During its decomposition to bromine at room temperature, the colour of the solution changes yellow. The molecular or chemical formula of Bromic Acid is HBrO3.

Hydrogen bromate is a powerful oxidizing agent and is a common ingredient in Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction. Bromic acid is obtained as a product in the reaction of barium bromate (Ba(BrO3)2) and sulfuric acid (H2SO4). Barium sulfate obtained is a precipitate form. Therefore bromic acid can be decanted by removing the precipitated barium sulfate.

Bromic Acid Formula Structure

Bromic Acid Formula

Properties Of Bromic Acid

Chemical formula HBrO3
Molecular weight  128.91 g/mol
Conjugate base Bromate
pKa −2
Complexity 46.2

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