How To Improve Mathematical Skills And Logical Thinking

When we talk about Maths, we are discussing a student’s capability to use the logical reasoning and analytical skills required to understand a problem and find its solution.

Mathematics plays a critical role in structuring the mind. It is the base that sharpens our logical reasoning, problem-solving and analytical abilities. Therefore, students are encouraged to improve their mathematical skills.

The main problem that students face with Maths is that there are too many concepts they need to cover in a limited time. While some topics are interlinked, some might not be, and this creates a lot of confusion among students. However, these hurdles should not stop them from improving their skills. Mathematical skills are vital and can be improved with time.

Some children need time to understand the problem-solving techniques required to solve Maths equations. In this article, we have listed some steps to help you improve your child’s mathematical skills.

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Different Ways to Improve Mathematical Skills

The first step of improving mathematical skills is using ways to make learning Maths easy for students. Students start building fear of Maths without understanding the basics, making the situation even more challenging. Mentioned below are some ways to overcome the fear of Maths.

  • Game-based learning: Try to play some puzzles, quizzes or board games where they use Maths to solve questions. This helps to make learning Maths enjoyable.
  • Use visuals: Children find visuals attractive; why not use them to teach about numbers, subtraction, addition and other mathematical concepts? For example, draw five cupcakes on a sheet and ask them to subtract two by colouring the remaining cupcakes.
  • Relate with daily life: Connecting things with reality helps to comprehend concepts. Let’s say, if you want to teach your child about addition, then ask them to add the prices of different grocery products when you take them shopping.
  • Focus on one thing: Don’t jump into things; first, clear one concept and then move on to the next. This helps to make learning more structured and easy-to-understand.
  • Discuss: Ask them questions like what they learnt today and how they can use the concepts they learned to solve real-life maths-related problems. And later, give them some tasks related to them, for instance, calculating the change they need to take from the shopkeeper.
  • Regular practice: Make them practise the concepts they have learnt till they become an expert in them.
  • Register for tuition near you: If your child needs more attention and expert assistance in Maths, register them for tuition to get those extra resources for help.

BYJU’S Tuition

Maths is very different from all the subjects we study in school. There may or may not be any connection between the topics of a subject, but in Maths, most of the concepts are connected in some way. For example, the concept of multiplication that we learn during primary classes is used when we study integers or mensuration in higher classes.

Therefore, students need a solid understanding of concepts. At BYJU’S, we focus on strengthening students’ bases first and then move on to complex topics. To know how we do it, read the pointers given below:

  • Activity-based learning: At BYJU’S, students are asked to conduct various fun activities, like colouring sheets, to make learning fun and easy.
  • Two-teacher-model: At a time, two teachers focus on your child. One focuses on explaining concepts, and the other focuses on resolving doubts.
  • Subject experts: Experienced teachers with proven track records give the classes for your children. These teachers know how to use the latest tools of education and are updated with curriculum changes.
  • Study materials: Easy-to-comprehend and follow booklets, a list of questions and tablets with the necessary concept videos and tests are provided at BYJU’S tuition classes.
  • Doubt-clearing sessions: Students get a chance to clear their queries during the class after completing each chapter.
  • Regular assessment: Tests are conducted regularly to check the child’s understanding, find the learning gaps and help cover them.
  • Class of students’ choice: Students can apply for online, offline or hybrid modes of learning, according to their preference.
  • Discursive learning: During online classes, students interact with others from all over the country, whereas during offline classes, they interact with students from different schools and backgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I improve my mathematical Skills?

Mathematical skills are crucial in academics. It’s important to take the right steps to improve your skills. Understand the concepts and practise them until you become confident in answering each and every question related to them.


How can I overcome my fear of Maths?

Understand the concepts, clear your doubts and practise questions as much as possible. This helps to overcome the fear of Maths. The more you get familiar with questions, the more confident you get.


How to find Maths tuition near me?

Search “Maths tuitions near me” on the browser and choose the tuition you want to register for based on your preference.


From which class does BYJU’S provide offline coaching?

BYJU’S has recently opened around 80 offline tuition centres across the country. Students from Classes 4-12 can register for tuition.