Offline Tuition Classes for Maths and Science

Many students opt out of sciences in the higher grades at school. BYJU’S Tuition Centres (BTC) bring offline tuition classes that are designed to make learning easy for students. We are here to make sure students do not miss out on their dream scores and achievements. We are here to guide students towards a more simple and basic way of learning.

Maths and Science are the most feared and yet, the most critical subjects when it comes to building a successful career for yourself. The offline tuition classes at BYJU’S Tuition Centres simplify concepts, teach you presentation and application of concepts and also prepare you for challenges beyond school levels.

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Some other benefits are:

  • On the spot resolution of doubts and queries.
  • Interactive learning through discussions and presentations.
  • Quality assessments and tests for Classes 4-10.
  • Learning takes place at students’ individual learning paces.

Offline tuition classes are made interesting with the help of online material, lessons and assessments that students are provided with on the learning app. These make BTCs the best offline tuition provider in Maths and Science. We provide affordable tuition classes to students from CBSE, ICSE and other selected state boards.

Offline Tuition Classes as Part of Hybrid Tuition Classes

While online tuition classes are a popular option, the learning quality is enhanced better with the addition of offline tuition classes. There are certain learning gaps and glitches in understanding that can be only recovered through a face-to-face interaction with a teacher. The students find it more relaxing when they learn in the face-to-face mode.

To facilitate ease of access to our centres and cut down the time and energy spent by students in travelling for tuitions, we have set up several offline BTCs across the country. Students can select their centre of preference from BTC website. Our offline tuition centres easily cater to students living in a radius of 5 km around them.

Advantages of joining our centres for offline tuition classes are:

  • Competitive peer-learning environment.
  • Soft skills and interactive skills are taught at the centres.
  • Pre-recorded lessons and study materials on the app.
  • Group discussions, peer-interaction, etc. to ease understanding of concepts
  • Two-teacher model for online classes.
  • Face-to-face interaction with the teacher at centres for covering all learning gaps.
  • Feedback sessions conducted with parents.
  • Regular homework, along with subjective assessments, is given.
  • Customised classes according to the student’s pace of learning.
  • Tricks involved in application-based problems are taught.
  • Students are prepared for other exams like olympiads, scholarship tests and entrance exams.
  • Analysis of tests and assessments available on the app.
  • Quizzes and tests can be accessed and attempted anytime from anywhere on the app.

Our offline tuition classes are known for the use of state of the art technological teaching aids for better explanation of concepts. Animated videos, group discussions, puzzles, etc. are used to make our offline classes lively and engaging. Students develop better communication and presentation skills that make them confident learners.

The sole aim behind setting up offline tuition classes for students by BYJU’S is to give them quality education even in the remotest of places. Students should be able to move towards a future that is not academically challenging and frustrating to them.