Maths Tuition - Coping with Mathophobia

As a student, when you hear the word ‘Maths’, your heart starts racing instantly like anything. Maths is a nightmare for most of the students while some really find Maths problem-solving fun. If you want to overcome your Maths anxiety, then taking Maths tuition at BYJU’S Tuition Centre can help with that.

At BYJU’S, we are currently offering Maths tuition for ICSE, CBSE and state boards for Classes 4-10. We make the Maths concepts easy to grasp and facilitate problem-solving via quizzes and other interactive study methods. Maths is not an easy subject but the way it is taught to you should be easy. Remember this while selecting the best Maths tuition near you.

At BYJU’S Tuition Centre, we have trained tutors to guide you through the toughest problem-solving in the easiest way possible. Our Maths faculty are dedicated towards making every child a Maths Wizard. Some of the many key features of learning Maths at BYJU’s are:

  • Animated videos as innovative ways of learning
  • 24/7 access to BYJU’S Learning App from anywhere in the world
  • Benefit of learning from India’s largest ed-tech company
  • Activity-based fun learning of vital Maths Concepts

Why is Maths Important?

Maths is an important part of not only academic learning but also life learning. Simple Maths like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are part of everyday life. On the other hand, complex Maths formulas and concepts will enhance cognitive skills. For better understanding of the subject, one should know that Maths has basically two major groups, which are further subdivided.

Pure Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

Number system, geometry, matrix, algebra, combinatorics, topology, calculus

Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, numerical analysis, etc.

Most people think that only weak students should take Maths tuitions. But it is a misconception as even a bright student can unlock his/her true potential only with the best Maths Tuition Centre. At BYJU’S Tuition Centre, we make the students fall in love with Maths by regular practising, attractive video lessons and by solving fun worksheets.

Students are free to learn Maths at the comfort of their home and at their own pace with our best online Maths tuition or at a BYJU’S Tuition Centre nearby. Learning Maths is not only useful in our day-to-day life, but also helps us in developing creativity, abstract thinking, problem-solving abilities and even improves our communication skills.

With Maths tuition at BYJU’S Tuition Centre, we encourage our students to know about the practical applications of mathematics. Apart from banking and daily budgeting, Maths has some great career opportunities in Engineering, Data Science, Research, Space Science and Information Technology. BYJU’S offers fun learning by some exciting features such as:

  • Best-in-class study material with instant doubt clearing
  • Customised lesson plans with personal attention
  • Regular homework and revisions with mock tests, quizzes and Maths worksheets
  • Activity-based fun learning with animated videos
  • One-on-one sessions with the Maths tutor
  • We provide syllabus and exam blueprints for better preparation
  • CBSE sample papers and question papers for exam preparation
  • Helpful teachers for the shy students to ensure doubt-solving and concept clarity
  • Regular performance-based analysis
  • Feedback sessions

Maths is a practical subject hence requires regular practice to excel in the same. We adopt a step-by-step methodology and thus recommend our students to take Maths tuition from primary classes. This will help the students to have concept clarity which further smoothens the learning journey for higher studies especially during the board classes. We help each and every child to excel in Maths and ace the subject in every exam.