Carbonous Acid Formula

Carbonous acid, commonly known as formic acid, is a colourless liquid with a pungent odour. Naturally, carbonous acid is found in ants and in stingless bees. Carbonous acid, comparatively has low toxicity because of which it is used as a food additive. In this short piece of article, learn more about carbonous acid formula, its chemical structure, properties and uses.

Carbonous Acid Properties

Properties of Carbonous Acid


Carbonous Acid

Other Names

Formic Acid, Hydrogen carboxylic acid


Colourless fuming liquid

Chemical Formula


Melting Point

8.4 °C

Boiling Point

100.8 °C


1.220 g/mL

Molar Mass

46.025 g.mol–1

Solubility in Water


Carbonous Acid Structure

Carbonous Acid Formula

Carbonous Acid Uses

  • Used as an antibacterial and preservative agent in livestock feed
  • Used as a coagulant in the production of rubber
  • Used in the production of leather
  • Effective in treating warts

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